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Belfast dance classes in Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Jive, Salsa and Tango

Belfast and Lisburn. Dance classes, dance performances, Hen parties, wedding entertainment. Dance classes in Ballroom, Latin,
Swing, Salsa, Jive and Argentine Tango.

"LatinQuarter" for your dance class gift vouchers. Six dance classes for £32.00

We provide dance classes in Belfast, Northern Ireland most nights of the week and not only perform ourselves but encourage our customers of all levels to improve their dancing by performance.

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* Partner is where you stay with your own partner durning the class.
*Rotating is where either the ladies or leads rotate around their opposite gender during the class.
If rotation is available, staying with your partner is also an option, changing for short periods is an option you might wish take advantage of. The recommended method should you wish to stay with your partner,:- Stay with your partner as long as both participants are coping well,:- Change to rotate as soon as one of the couple start to struggle.